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Buyers in today’s market can be overwhelmed with the amount of available homes for  sale. Whether it’s a Resale, New Construction, Foreclosure, or Short Sale, it’s important to be an informed consumer.

Let Grand Heritage Homes help you through your first, second, investment, or vacation home purchase. Below we’ve provided some information to get you started. We also recommend meeting with one of our licensed agents to access your current needs to better direct your home buying process.

If you already own a home, it’s a basic question and the answer is as individual as you are. Generally speaking, under most market conditions, real estate professionals advise listing your present home and shopping for your new home simultaneously. To consider your own individual needs and circumstances, though, you should talk to Grand Heritage Homes Sales Associate about how fast you need to sell and how long you should expect it to take in current market conditions.

In a robust real estate market, for example, you can assume your home would be more likely to sell quickly. In that case, if you have very specific criteria ? like location, size, views, age, etc. which could lead to a time-consuming home search ? you should consider finding and buying a home first before you sell your existing home. If necessary, you can make an offer to buy that home contingent on selling yours. On the other hand, if you sell first, you can make your sale dependent on finding a home to buy.

Seasonality can play a role in deciding when to sell ? with spring and fall the most popular seasons to put a home on the market. Your agent can also help you consider the effect of factors like interest rates and consumer confidence in the economy. Low interest rates will send you buyers year round. Some may be deterred by unpleasant weather conditions, of course, but it’s been our experience that potential buyers who brave inclement weather tend to be very motivated.

Your Grand Heritage Homes Sales Associate will help you find the solution that’s right for you.

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