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During the past year or so, many of you may have heard radio ads for a training session that would offer to show you how to find, finance, and renovate a house, for a quick sale. The first session is of course, free of charge.  At that first session, you are then encouraged to sign up for one of three levels of training, which in fact cost anywhere from $9,995.00 all the way up to $19,995.00.  As a former Training Director, I am in full support of lif-long learning, and even paying for comprehensive, and value-added experiences. 
What you do not find out until late in the first session, is that you as a potential trainee, actually, customer, are also encouraged to scrape up this $9,995.00 ANY WAY possible, including but not limited to, selling your wedding ring, charging it on a credit card, or borrowing from your relatives and friends. 
My TAKE-AWAY:  It is NEVER a good idea to borrow funds in such desperate ways in order to “flip a house”.  Anyone who would have you borrow in such a manner clearly does not have your interest in mind.  If you truly want to learn how to find, finance, and renovate an older home in Richmond, call me today, and save yourself more than $9,995.00. 

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